Care & Cleaning

Finished wood surfaces, polished lacquer and metal should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain. Dry with a soft cloth, again wiping in the direction of the grain. Do not apply harsh cleaners nor use abrasive materials for cleaning. Troscan assumes no responsibility for damage caused by use of cleaning or polishing agents.

Wood finishes

Standard finishes are available on products as indicated in price guide. Not all finishes and species are available on all products. Optional custom finishes may be available upon request. All custom color finishes are subject to a minimum custom color development fee. Finishes for wood items may vary slightly due to natural characteristics of cut, grain and type of wood. No absolute match is implied or guaranteed. Light finishes do not hide or mask the natural characteristics of the wood, therefore, inherent natural characteristics of the wood will vary from piece to piece. Natural characteristics are not considered defects by Troscan and therefore product will not be replaced because of these natural characteristics and variations. Finishes will naturally oxidize over time. We recommend never leaving anything on the surface for a prolonged amount of time to ensure that the finish ages evenly. Troscan is not responsible for any disparity in finish due to natural oxidation.

Installation & maintenance

All freestanding case pieces are equipped with leveling devices. All floor conditions may vary and it is necessary to properly adjust leveling devices. Proper leveling is essential to the alignment and function of doors and drawers. Improperly leveled pieces will result in misaligned doors and drawers and may impair locking mechanisms and other functional hardware. All damage caused to piece due to use of misaligned parts through operation of doors and drawers will be the responsibility of the client and is not covered by any warranty.

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